Thursday, March 26, 2015

Spring Break

We had a nice spring break.  It was so great to just have the kids at home and enjoy a relaxed pace and not have to rush back and forth to school.  We did a few outings and enjoyed playing outside a lot.

The kids swam breifly at Grandma's one day.  The pool hadn't been heated yet so they hung out in the spa.
I had several crafts on hand for the kids to do during the week.

We met up with Kelly and her kids at the museum in Hemet one day, and that was fun. The kids had a blast running around.

The park.  The cousins came and met us for a while too. I only got these pictures of Everett thanks to Heather :)


We met up with my friend Pam one day at the County Museum.  It was our first time visiting and the kids had a lot of fun exploring.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Happy 60th to my mom

My mom turned 60 last week.  To celebrate we had an open house for her.  A ton of her friends came and she had a blast.  She also had three of her cousins come out and stay with her for a week, and they had a blast together.

My mom and her three cousins

We went out to dinner on her actual birthday at a restaurant to celebrate.

Happy birthday mama!  We're so blessed by you!  Praying for many more healthy years.

Friday, March 20, 2015


LOVING // Spring Break.  It's been a great week with my kiddos, leisure mornings, little outings and no homework or trips back and forth to school.  Also loving my new favorite sparkling watermelon lime water.  Ever since I gave up soda I turn to sparkling water when I crave the carbonation, it hits the spot.

LISTENING TO //  At the moment... silence!  It's rare :)

WAITING FOR //  SUMMER! Lots of fun time to spend with the kids and no trips back and forth to school.

EXCITED ABOUT // My weekend away with Matt next month.

TRYING TO // not be sad about the fact that my baby turns one in just a few short days.... sniff sniff.  Also trying to find another pup... looking for another rat terrier and we want a purebred and a puppy. 

WORKING ON // spending more quiet time with God on a daily basis.  Having this third baby definitely threw all of my good habits for a loop.... still working on getting back into them!  Also working on getting exercise into my week!

READING //  Just Finished Gone Girl. I've been reading a lot lately, which I love. Right before that I read Serena.  Now I'm going to start on something else.  I love fiction.  Oh, and I'm currently reading "You Can't Make Me, But I Can Be Persuaded".

ENJOYING // Spring!  I love all the blooming flowers and lovely weather.  This has to be one of my favorite times of the year. The weather is just lovely and I spend as much time outdoors as possible!

USING // my essential oils more and more.  I have Serenity and Balance in my diffuser right now... for some reason I've been anxious this week, so those two oils help in calming.

WEARING // skinny jeans and a coral top and some Fit Flops

PLANNING // trying to figure out where to stay when Matt and I have a weekend away next month.  Our first in 2 1/2 years!!!  I'd say it's long overdue. Also planning a little celebration for tomorrow to celebrate Everett turning one.

NEEDING // to have less headaches

LEARNING //  always something.... 

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Just Hanging Out

I'm in denial that my baby turns one next week... total denial.  Here's some pictures from the past couple of weeks, just from around the house.

Everett is wearing an outfit there that used to be Ethan's :)

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

First week solo with three kids

Matt used to have to travel several times a year, but this past year he hadn't had to at all, which I was very glad about!  Last week he had to be in Ohio for the week, so I had my first week solo with three kids!  We survived the week, but I was VERY happy to have him back home.  We all missed him a lot. 

 This picture is hilarious, it was the first morning Matt was gone... ALayna and Everett smiling, Ethan mad at Alayna because she apparently copied him in holding her hands up with the I Love You sign, haha.

The week was extra hard because we had just lost Cookie, so the house felt extra lonely.  My sweet friend Jolene sent me these flowers to cheer me up. 

I took the kids to Chuckee Cheese one day after school.  

A visit to the park... where Everett loved playing in the mulch.

Mommy/baby selfie!

We met up with my friend Kelly and her kids for a hike at the trails at Oakmont Park in Redlands one day after school.  It was such a beautiful day, with clear skies and the green grass everywhere.  The views from the top of the trail are great.

 The kids may or may not have eaten Del Taco three times within the week, haha.  Other than that we did well! We were OH so happy to have Matt return.  Since he had left 4:00 am Sunday, and got home late Thursday night, he didn't go into the office on Friday.  We got to enjoy a nice little lunch date at Bonitas in Yucaipa while the big kids were at school.  Everett enjoyed it as well :)